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How Does Caffeine Work as a Stimulant?

How does caffeine work as a stimulant? Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in plants and food substances—both organic and processed. It’s also a stimulant that works by blocking adenosine inside your cells. In this video I show you how this works.

The following questions are answered in this video (go straight to the time stamp):
How does caffeine work in the brain? (0:33)
How does caffeine help headaches? (1:31)
How does caffeine hurt your sleep? (1:56)
What is heavy caffeine consumption? (2:25)
What is the caffeine content in certain foods? (3:08)
What are the negative effects of caffeine? (5:30)
When should you drink your last cup of coffee? (7:06)

Here's a more detailed explanation.
Adenosine is produced in the cells of the brain and other organs. And it’s a chemical involved in inducing or bringing on sleep by slowing the activity of the cell.

Caffeine is similar in structure to the adenosine molecule so when you drink coffee and digest it, the caffeine in the coffee travels to you brain and binds to the cells and blocks the adenosine from binding. Without the adenosine to slow things down, your adrenal glands get the signal to release the flight or fight hormone, epinephrine.

Epinephrine –also known as adrenaline then acts to increase alertness, increase your heart rate and constrict blood vessels.

So this is the high you get from caffeine – from the boost of adrenaline. Also as an aside, the constriction of blood vessels that follow caffeine consumption is the basis for caffeine being a part of headache medicines. It constricts the blood vessels in the brain (through the epinephrine release), which gives the tissues more space and relieves some of the tension producing the headache.

Caffeine affects your sleep in a couple of different ways.

First, it extends your sleep latency, which is the period of time it takes to fall asleep. It also shortens the total amount that you sleep. The older you are, the more sensitive you are to these effects.

Similar to alcohol, caffeine has a diuretic effect, which causes the body to lose water.

How much caffeine does it take to affect your sleep? Depending on the amount of time between consumption and going to sleep – I would say anything from 200mg of caffeine or more can create that delayed sleep effect.

A moderate doses of caffeine would be anything between 200 and 300mg per day.
Heavy caffeine consumption would be considered anything from 500mg per day or more.

Well what does that mean exactly? Here is an example: 6:40

Imported coffees and teas can also carry higher caffeine concentration.
And also, the brewing method used will also affect the caffeine content.

Once you consume the caffeine, it is digested through the stomach and small intestine and enters the bloodstream within thirty minutes to an hour. This relatively rapid response time is one of the reasons a cup of coffee is so popular as a morning crutch.

So what about the half life?
The half-life is the amount of time it takes for something to decrease to half its original quantity.
The half-life of caffeine varies among different studies, but it is generally believed to be between 3 1/2 to 6 hours.
It can take longer in some people with certain medical disorders or under the influence of certain medications.
For example, birth control pills can inhibit or slow the half life of caffeine, making it so that it takes five to ten hours for the amount of caffeine in the bloodstream to decrease by half. Pregnancy and liver disease also significantly extend the half-life of caffeine.

Here is a practical example:

Suppose you were to drink a tall Starbucks coffee at 9:00am. That size has 230mg of caffeine. If we assume the caffeine carried a half-life of five hours, you would have approximately 130mg of caffeine in your system at 2:00pm that afternoon from that single cup alone.

Now this is an approximation, but because of the variability in how we metabolize caffeine, some experts recommend not consuming any caffeine after noon. I’m in that camp. I usually recommend to people that your last drink of coffee happen before noon.

Stay tuned for the next video mentioned in the video – the affects of aging on sleep.

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TM FITNESS : This Doctor is AWESOME!!! I love her and her voice:)
Meredith Gordon : Why do I get tired from drinking coffee? I’ll drink it and start yawning and just not feel alert at all. I have ADD, but have heard that a lot of people even with ADD benefit from drinking coffee like taking a stimulant. Why am i this way?!
guud97 : Can you please make another video about the effects of caffeine and stimulants for add or adhd. Is it dangerous to use caffeine when the effects of the stimulant have worn off, perhaps during a long day. Also would you be so kind as to add rockstars or redbull to the example or comparison list. Thank you, love your videos they’re very helpful.
MATRIX : wish there was a robot that could teach like this
Tiago Alexander : thank you!
Χριστος Ασβεστης : i swear to god if i hear the word joe for coffee again.. arghhhhhh !!
Drew Moody : I can't live without it
undeadpresident : that thumbnail to the video lol
Edward Sonder : I wish you were my wife , you would make a great mother!
Obey Castle : I love coffee. I developed tinnitus in the ears and people say not to drink coffee. Well, I noticed it does nothing to my tinnitus. What makes my T worse is anxiety. Not coffee. Still I stopped drinking coffee and I feel weird.

Psychostimulants - Cocaine, Amphetamines and other stimulants

The information contained in this video is for educational purposes only. Description of the pharmacological, psychological and physiological effects of stimulant us and abuse with a focus on drugs of abuse such as cocaine and methamphetamine. Brief discussion of other stimulants and possible treatments for stimulant addiction.
Selena Sanchez : Cannot hear you
ricki388 : i dont believe theye are addictive if you abuse banns up your ass u will get side effects as its the 10% of people who have a reaction like abuse as the addiction is ones desire to want to change ones mood [ escapism] as the brain gets lazy in productions of chemicals so sleep etc
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Mr. E : Mic is too low
heavy meddle : In my 48 years I've been addicted to amphetamine, benzos and opioids. The amphetamine was and is my nr 1 drug of choice, but it clouded my judgment and at the age 25 - 30 I was addicted to methadone and heroin, but... The horrors and beauty with amphetamine is the fact that it helped me to quit opioids. Insane amounts for about 2-3 months actually made it possible to stop opioids. The first time I got caught by the police because I couldn't hide my high. But it took many years to stop speed. Never underestimate the withdrawal from speed or cox just because its not as physical as opioids.
Son of Meagher of the Sword : PCP beats all! Meth gets a solid 2nd
Khaotic Grumpy : Who’s doing a rail line during the cocaine part
Barnaby Kent : Some interesting facts. 150 milligrams is not a gram and a half at 25:09
Charles Wild : C. Thomas Wild - About Inattentive ADHD - Reading - Math - Mental Images - ADHD Bulletin Board - Yahoo Group - Caffeine works for some with ADHD; food additives in FDA approved medicines and foods need better ingredient labels. (1981, 2019) X-ref: Neurology, ADHD, Auditory Processing, Epilepsy, Narcolepsy, Attentional Control
Susan D'Antilio : "lower doses is something to think about if this is something you decide to engage in"

Alarming trends in stimulant use in kids

GAINESVILLE, Fla. ---Two-thirds of young people surveyed said the use of prescription stimulants is a moderate-to-large problem among youth, according to a new University of Florida study. Nearly 15 percent said they had used a prescription stimulant, the study shows, and almost 12 percent reported diverting medications by giving their stimulants to a peer or taking someone else's pills.

The National Monitoring of Adolescent Prescription Stimulants Study involved surveys of more than 11,000 youth ages 10 to 18 from urban, rural and suburban areas in and around 10 U.S. cities. It is the first national study to monitor prescription stimulant use in both preteens and teens, including non-medical use, with significant details for each topic. The study findings appear in the September issue of the journal Current Opinion in Psychiatry.

Other studies have documented teens and college students using prescription stimulants non-medically as "study drugs" to enhance concentration. Stimulants such as Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta are typically prescribed to help patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder stay focused and to control behavior problems. But when the drugs are taken incorrectly or without a prescription, they can increase blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature and decrease sleep and appetite, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. At high doses, they can lead to cardiovascular problems.
Glorious Forever : Smh my head ive seem kindergarteners shooting up meth
Wholesome Keanu Reeves : I think it helps me,people who abuse it give it a bad name
The One Joke King : Aside from addiction, I think teens get into different things. If their behavior is unhealthy or out of proportion I think there should be focus on changing the entire family unit. Whatever is causing that in the teen is part of the whole family. Make real life more meaningful and complete :)
Our connections are a vital/core part of our existence. If the connections are off we are off.




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