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Stageloop & Timeboy (2:52)

A film by Hso.
"How Two Computer Geniuses Build the Epic Stage Visuals for Flying Lotus" (2:52). a film by Hso. One of the greatest recent breakthroughs in concert technology is projection mapping, the 3D stage visuals that drape a band in holographic imagery created by computer artists like David Wexler, aka Strangeloop, and his partner John King, aka Timeboy. These partners have created two groundbreaking styles of 3D projection mapping for electronic musician Flying Lotus. Layer3 uses three surfaces with dual projectors to “layer” animations over one another, while the newest innovation, the Hypercube, frames three-dimensional animations onto a cube that surrounds Flying Lotus as he performs. The effects are stunning, and are seen at Coachella and other huge events.

Hso Films - http://www.hsofilms.com/

קונסלות משחק עם משחקי רטרו timeboy

קונסולת משחק עם כ-168 משחקים בסגנון רטרו, אלאדין, סופר מריו ועוד מגוון ענק של משחקים

Timeboy - Absalons Skole Roskilde

TimeBoy - Værdifilm fra 8.a på Absalons Skole.
Rasmus Larsen : yas
Mikkel Bonde : Verdens bedste film nogensinde




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