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Best of Success Mark Angel Comedy,Complete Episode Part 1 Try Not To Laugh Compilation

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Lala Castle : How To Make Money Online.

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Salome Micheal Francis : Aww I love success
Keisha Mckenzie : Who’s here in 2020? god bless u please wear a mask to prevent the spread of the corona virus
lilian makau : "aunty give me water jare" an edge crosses her legsI honesty love you aunty success
Juddy Karambo : Success is pretending to fix clothes on the line
Juddy Karambo : Well done Success by pouring water on KBrown after making you crave for the food
Juddy Karambo : I love it when Success pulls her father's hand "Daddy let's go"
Jeremy Ang : don't show eating, digusting
Doreen Nyachwo : Hahaha hahaha I just love you guys

Multi-Billionaire Explains his Simple Steps to Success

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►Speaker: Tillman Fertitta

Tilman Fertitta, also known as the Billion Dollar Buyer, started his hospitality empire thirty years ago with just one restaurant. Over the years he’s stayed true to the principles that helped him scale his business to what is believed to be the largest single-shareholder company in America, with over $4 billion in revenue, including hundreds of restaurants (Landry’s Seafood, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Morton’s Steakhouse, Mastro’s, The Chart House, Rainforest Café, and over forty more restaurant concepts) and five Golden Nugget Casinos.

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Ivan Kaye : It’s all about the Customer - give them what they want and you will get what you want

Everything you do is 95-5- focus on the 5
Be the bull
Keep punching

When times are bad we forget they will be good again and visa versa

You are only a few steps from shit happenning

Know what you know and don’t know what you don’t know

You gotta know what you good at and find that to use that as your shtick

Take someone good and make them better

“You always know where you stand with me “

People choose the wrong company to work for

Interviewer makes promises that never happen

Where can you be in 5 years - know that with clarity
Abs and Abc Always be selling and always be closing

You are always selling - if not products - yourself - or your company

Know your numbers
Know your business

Consumer does not come to us
Unless you have a great product
And you let them know that you have a great product

Always remember take care of customer

Don’t assume anything

Seperate yourself from anyone else

Take responsibility
tonelloalexantonio tony : A fraud he hides behind every fortune.
Stop dreaming. ,work hard., and be greatfull for what you heave!! Xx
Gaming News - Do You Game? : Just f@cking do it!
Vic IsMy : wow you are inspiration. you push the people around you.
everyone wants a good life I want to follow you. thanks to your teachings and I learned a lot one day I will also be rich
frlusil sil : All the people are saling books and getting rich, books don't help anybody, helps only who wrote, made and sold, the rest still broke
TalkThisOut : love this guy. working is a virtue. some arnt willing to work, some of us work defines your life
Yuan W : 1、be the top 5%;
2、Use the god given gift;
3、To sell;
4、always know your numbers in business;
5、takeing care of your consumers;
6、Don't assume anything.
Athletic Bowling : You shall become who you think and who you can imagine. Everything you believe in is possible. I wish you all to take action and get to your goals in time. Best wishes.
Paul Coleman : Paul C

Ariana Grande - successful (Audio)

Music video by Ariana Grande performing successful (Audio). © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Daniel Frost : This song is so relatable and it will be to whoever is reading this. Trust the process. PERIOD
jime sancho : me when i finally got my boba after an hour line
Paola Rivas : here again✋
Kirstin Wong (Student) : When you Finnish your missing 100000 assignments In one day
Alex Playz Roblox101 : Me when I get straight a’s:
Megatron Griffin : Yuh Yie
typicalbecca : It feels so good to be so young and have this fun and be successful.

But what about-

Fortnite Gods : When you explain the basics of something to your sibling and they think your super smart
wenee : surprise
freyaah : Me singing this is my smeared mascara and huge oversized stained sweater is a mood I defo feel successful (NOT)




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