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Train to The Future - North Korea (Deepest Metro Station in the World)

Wander around the Pyongyang subway.

The Pyongyang Metro (Korean: 평양 지하철도; MR: P'yŏngyang Chihach'ŏlto) is the rapid transit system in the North Korean capital Pyongyang. It consists of two lines: the Chollima Line, which runs north from Puhŭng Station on the banks of the Taedong River to Pulgŭnbyŏl Station, and the Hyŏksin Line, which runs from Kwangbok Station in the southwest to Ragwŏn Station in the northeast. The two lines intersect at Chŏnu Station.

Daily ridership is estimated to be between 300,000 and 700,000. Structural engineering of the Metro was completed by North Korea, with rolling stock and related electronic equipment imported from China.This was later replaced with rolling stock acquired from Germany.

Backsound Music by: Alip_Ba_Ta
#PyongyangSubway #PyongyangMetro #Alip_Ba_Ta
Investigator TeamITA : 북한에 등록 할 권한이 있는지 물어볼 수 있습니까?
bader qattan : I want to go north Korea
Rudy Soetanto : Boleh tau apa yang menyebabkan anda tinggal di north korea
Puti puti : yang koment kok orang luar ya
G S : You gotta admit that these metro at least looks much better than the notorious NYC metro.
Roger Bebeng : Bang, bikin video tentang bagaimana lu bisa ke korut, pokoknya cerita perjalanan lu bang, salam dari saudara sebangsa
Fauzi Rahmandha : Yang kesini gara2 grup fodka Facebook?
Alexandre Berya : How sorry for the people who live in North Korea. It is a pity that they do not know what a beautiful world is when a person is not a slave!
Dibars 1 : Is Jaka alright? He hasn’t posted in like 3 months
arjuna anggara : Ok ini org mantap parah. Nge vlog di korut

Indonesian snacks in North Korea

How to exchange USD to North Korean Won (KPW)?

This store is one of our favorite, it seems this store may have never been visited by foreigners except us Indonesian, every time we came here, we only saw locals who shopped. There are many Indonesian products from cosmetics to daily meals, from stationaries to storages, the price is cheaper (much more reasonable) than any other stores, and the waitresses were very friendly and we can redeem USD/Euros to KPW using the much better exchange rate than the Local Money Changers reserved for foreigners.
Gear: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
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Want to see daily life in North Korea? Please follow my instagram account:
Pejuang Kebenaran : Indomart cabang Korea Utara ?
Abbygail Endyana : Ada mesin kasir kenapa milih manual pake kalkulator yah?
Muhammad Azril Naufal Makmur : This is can be real because our first president, Soekarno
Khan Moon : Ri chun hee at background?
grandfather sugiono : Wkwkkw mama lemon ada di korea
aimisakee : wau! coco pie ada, keropok miaw miaw pn ada
Rover Team : There wasn't any check for the camera before you left NK?
Mike H. : Who sings that: Stand by Me (song please?)
uki akicha : Cakep cuk
tera gunawan : kok bisa si ada makanan indo

평양의 길거리 음식 - 북한

설명을 읽어주세요?

전 인도네시아 사람이에요

평양의 '북새' 거리에서 길거리 음식을 맛보려 했어요.
음식을 많이 사진 않았구요, 우리가 무슬림이라서 음식을 고를때 매우 조심한답니다. 우린 채소나 해산물, 밥과 밀가루 든 음식만 사먹어요.

많은 사람들이 제게 물어봤어요.
"북한에서 유투브를 어떻게 해요?"
"북한에선 못하니까 인도네시아 가서 하겠지.."

전혀 아닙니다.

전 이미 인도네시아에 돌아왔어요, 현재 여기서 살고있구요.
제 척 23편의 비디오는 북한에서 올린거에요.

북한에서 영상을 올릴때 가장 어려운 점은 15분짜리 영상 올리는데 이틀이나 걸리는거에요... 전기 공급이 영 좋지가 않아서 인터넷도 불안정해요.
핸드폰 인터넷은 너무 비싸고 불안정해서 가입하기 좀 그래요.
하지만.. 인도네시아에선 통신사를 고를수도 있고.. 15분짜리 영상도 금방 올라가고 그래요.
이 비디오들은 제 북한에서의 삶을 담은거에요
그래서 북한에서의 제 일상만 담아봤어요.

그나저나.. 어눌한 한국말과 영어에 대해 사과드릴게요

한국말 할줄 아시는 분들은 아마 제가 어눌한 어투로 현지인과 대화하려 하는 모습이 웃기게 느껴질것 같네요... 죄송합니다
더 많은 정보는 아래 링크에 담겨있어요












북한에서의 제 일상을 보고싶으시면...
인스타 팔로우 해주세요
번역 : RedFoxPhillip
Bim Salabim : I didn't get why u guys think that NK is so bad, even u never went to NK. U just accept what the media said, u know not all media talk with honest sometimes they too much. No matter in what country is, all the media is like that because of rating and sometime media do that because of goverment force.

So i think, u have to research more before u judge. Don't judge the people by it's cover. 'cause u will looks so dumb.
VOC Janghyun : Masnya orang indonesia ya?
Prima Anggara : Bahasa korsel n korut sama ya bang??
khoirun nara : Salam buat bung jong un min .???
CPA ONDARISE : I just got home from the bar and I’m watching this
amiwhoiam : I'm confused. Is it that this guy has unrestricted access to Pyongyang or is allowed to move around without a guide? If so why?

Edit: so I did some research. It seems that foreigners can be allowed to be residents in NK and are allowed somewhat more free access to Pyongyang
WhyDoIEvenBother? : Wow! China \ Vietnam is a strange but weird place guys!
m2301 강현서 : 6:08 쌍용 체어맨 아님???
Matthew Barry : Looks so good!
S WIBOWO92 : Kesini karena drama crash landing on you.


#parker korea


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